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Safety Products

Crawlspaces have many hazards that you need to be protected against. If your job or home repairs require you to enter a crawlspace, then it’s important to wear the right protective gear to keep yourself from being injured. Even if you’re just doing a quick check of the space, you must always be proactive by using work lights and wearing all of your safety gear. We offer safety products that are ideal for working in crawlspaces as well as in many other difficult work environments.

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Some of the dangers that you might run into in the crawlspace include spiders, stinging insects, rodents and snakes. It’s important to wear long sleeves, long pants, face protection, gloves and boots to keep from being bitten or stung by these potentially venomous or disease-carrying animals. Knee pads and eye protection such as safety goggles are important for issues you may not notice right away that could cause injury.

Crawlspaces can have high humidity, which can cause mold to grow. Inhaling certain types of mold can be toxic to your body, so wear protective gear including a mask or respirator. The mold isn’t the only issue when it comes to a damp space. There may be areas of the crawlspace with standing water, or the area could be slippery.

Our safety products are designed to protect you while allowing you to move and work comfortably. We only sell the most high-quality safety gear to give you the peace of mind you need to do a great job. From eye safety products by Edge Eyewear to knee pads to work lighting in the form of powerful LED string lights, we help you do a better, safer job in the most challenging environments.

Take a look at our inventory of hazard and safety equipment that will help to keep you free from injuries and place your order today!

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