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Pest Control Supplies

Open crawl spaces are known not only for being dark and dank, but also for the many pests they tend to attract. Snakes and rodents can be a problem, as well as wood-boring insects such as termites, wood boring beetles and carpenter ants. And then there are the fungi, which aren’t technically pests but can damage the wood that makes up the underpinnings of your home all the same! Protect the wood in your crawl space (and avoid unpleasant surprises) with wood preservative and pest control products from Crawlspace Depot.

We offer Penashield Wood Preservative, which can be applied not only to wood but also to other crawl space materials such as concrete, plumbing pipes, cinder blocks, sheet wood and plywood. Applied to unsealed wood, this insecticide kills and acts as a deterrent, both to insects and to the fungi that cause wet and dry rotting.

Our pest control supplies include Snake Out snake repellent, which is biodegradable and uses natural ingredients that snakes strongly dislike, such as cinnamon and clove oil. Snake Out is not only useful for keeping snakes out of your crawlspace, but can also encourage them to stay away from your garden, garage, woodpile, storage building -- anywhere snakes are a problem.

Got mice, rats or squirrels? You can also keep rodents and other unwelcome critters out of your crawl space or attic with our Stuff-It copper wire mesh.

From termites to fungi to snakes and squirrels, our pest control products keep all sorts of organisms at bay. Order today and take back your crawlspace from pests!

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