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Keeping an eye on the conditions in your crawl space is important, because no one wants to find out the hard way that the humidity has become high enough to support the growth of mold. Not only the humidity but also the temperature should be monitored to ensure that the conditions in your crawlspace aren’t welcoming to mold or condensation. Crawlspace Depot offers many different instruments that measure temperature and humidity so you can quickly spot moisture problems as they arise and remedy them before much damage is done.

We offer thermo-hygrometers and data loggers to help you know what the conditions in your crawlspace are like at any time of day. Random readings aren’t always enough, because they can vary according to the time of day -- for instance, humidity levels are usually higher at night. Keeping tabs on your crawlspace conditions with our temperature and humidity instruments can help you identify and troubleshoot problems.

Our highly accurate moisture meters and temperature data loggers help you discover whether your crawl space’s vapor barrier and insulation are adequate -- or whether you need to invest in a closed crawlspace, if you haven’t already. Shop our instruments today and get the measurements you need!

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