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Should I install plastic on a foundation wall?


You’re right to undertake moisture management planning for your crawlspace. Crawlspace moisture can lead to hazards for your health as well as your home. That’s why we recommend closed crawlspaces. It is an effective way of eliminating moisture problems. Installing plastic on the foundation wall is one part of this process.

Benefits of a vapor barrier

Vapor barriers help keep moisture out of your crawlspace. Again, this is critical because moisture encourages pests, mold growth and mildew – all health hazards. Moisture is harmful to your home, too. In time, you can expect damage to wood floors such as buckling and warping. Even worse, your home may sustain expensive damage to the structure itself. Installing a vapor barrier will reduce the risk of mold and mildew as well as keep water from entering the crawlspace walls or environment.

Types of vapor barriers

There are three major groups or classes of barriers. They range from less than 0.1 permeability in Class I up to between 10 and 1 perm in Class III. You want an impermeable vapor barrier which will have a perm rating of 0.1 or less.

Install carefully

Crawlspace encapsulation requires care to derive the most benefit. Take care to install on only one side of the wall, and seal the barrier properly. Neglecting this step will lead to mold in the wall. Don’t skimp on tape – shortcuts now will lead to headaches later.

Finish the job

Crawlspace encapsulation isn’t just about the walls. Closing the crawlspace creates a sealed envelope that separates and protects your home from the soil below. You’ll enjoy warmer floors and more efficient heating and cooling. To finish the job seal vents and cracks.

Assemble your supplies

Crawlspace Depot is a leader in crawlspace encapsulation and insulation products. We have what you need to get your project started and do it right. Why wait? Moisture management is critical to the health of your home and family. Let us help you mitigate mold, mildew and moisture as well as keep your crawlspace dry. 

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