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Crawl Space Insulation & Encapsulation Products | Crawlspace Depot

The crawlspace -- that dank, dark space under your home that is generally too low to stand up in but offers access to pipes -- is not a part of the house that most people think a lot about. But the crawlspace is where your home can develop major moisture problems that can lead to air quality issues, insect damage, wood rot, swelling of doors and windows inside the home, and even health-threatening mold and mildew. Many homeowners are finding that insulating the crawl space and encapsulating it is a great way to keep the moisture outside where it belongs! Crawlspace Depot offers several solutions to reduce the harmful moisture under your home.

Moisture can enter the crawlspace through outside air, the ground or through the foundation of your house if it doesn’t have proper drainage. We offer crawl space encapsulation and insulation products that help to seal that moisture out, as well as dehumidifiers, cleaners, pest control supplies and everything else you need to solve your crawl space moisture problems.

Encapsulating a crawl space not only helps stop the moisture that could be causing the growth of mold in your home, but can also lower your heating and cooling bills. That’s because in the summer, hot and damp air from the crawlspace seeps up into your home and makes your air conditioner’s job harder; and in the winter, cold air enters your home the same way and makes heating more expensive. So crawl space encapsulation provides better comfort as well as lower utility bills! We offer the tools and supplies you need for insulating a crawl space, such as wall and floor liners, tape, drainage products, hygrometers and other instruments and more.

Stop the moisture that makes it more difficult and expensive to cool and heat your home, and could even be slowly destroying your home from the bottom up. Place your order with Crawlspace Depot today!

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