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Mega Dry CS75 Wi-Fi Dehumidifier

  • Mega Dry CS75 Wi-Fi Dehumidifier
  • Using the smartphone app, you are able to view the current conditions of your unit and even make changes to the set point and fan.
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Product Description


Top Features:

  • Capacity: 75 pints/day
  • Coverage Area: 3,000 square feet in a closed crawlspace environment
  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • Digital Controls

In hot and humid climates, homes with basements or crawl spaces particularly need dehumidification to prevent mold from growing in the floor joists and subfloors. When mold grows unimpeded here, it can easily contaminate the air inside the home. No matter how many precautions you take inside the home, allowing hot and humid air to come into contact with subfloors that have been cooled by air conditioners will create the right conditions for growing mold. It is for these reasons that we proudly offer the newest innovation in crawlspace dehumidification, the MEGA DRY CS75 Wi-Fi Connected Dehumidifier.

This amazing unit provides the dehumidification necessary to dry out even the wettest crawl space, removing up to 75 pints of water from the air each day in a closed crawlspace of up to 3,000 square feet. Now you can adjust the unit without having to enter the crawl space.  With Wi-Fi capability, this unit can be controlled from your smart phone.  With a high efficiency filter, this unit cleans the air and removes mold spores.  The CS75 is also up to 40% more efficient than a stand-alone dehumidifier, saving you money right away. And it's easy to use, too. With a variety of installation and control options, including whole house ducting, operation can be as simple as setting the humidistat. Because the unit is permanently drained there are no buckets to empty or daily maintenance requirements, just dry, clean, healthy air, protecting your health and property. 

Additional Specifications:

Electrical: 110-120 VAC, 6.7 FLA Amps, 60 Hz, grounded
Operating Temp. Range: 50*F min, 95*F max
Air Flow: 180 CFM without external ducting
Refrigerant: R-410A
Filter Size: High Efficiency (MERV 11) Pleated 12" x 10" x 1"
Size (Clearance): 12.75" H x 12.6" W x 21" L
Weight: 58 pounds


Download Specification Sheet (PDF) 

Download Installation and Owner's Manual (PDF)

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Product Reviews

  1. MegaDry is Mega GREAT 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 14th May 2021

    The unit required very little set up. It was more trouble getting my condensate pump installed correctly and level. The wifi configuration took two attempts before connecting. It only took 4.5 days to lower the humidity in my crawl space from 68% to 51%.

  2. Great unit 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 4th Feb 2021

    Wanted to write this to help anyone on the fence about the unit. I went with this over the comparable SantaFe unit because of the WiFI control and it looked like solid USA made product.

    Very happy with the purchase. Set up your WIFI connection before you take it under the crawl. The onboard computer will remember the settings.

  3. Easy to install 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 3rd Nov 2020

    I love the WIFI feature because I leave my house for several months at a time and this way I can keep an eye on the humidity levels without being there. It seems to be working well. So far, so good.

  4. 1 week in works well so far 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 21st Oct 2020

    I sealed up crawl space vents with foam board and spray foam, setup the unit with a condensation pump in the middle of my crawl space. After a few days it lowered RH from 74% down to 56%. It might be able to go lower but I am fine with that number right now.

    My home is 2 stories 4k sqft, so I assume my crawl space is around 2k sqft.

    The wifi app is very basic, but lets you change the target RH % without going down to the unit.

  5. After several years of use 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 13th May 2020

    I have been using the pre-WiFi version of the MegaDry in my crawlspace for several years. I installed it at the same time I encapsulated my crawlspace (about 2,000 sq ft.) My crawlspace is only about 4 ft high and I have no flooding or standing water issues. I absolutely recommend this unit and both the and the manufacturer (General Filters) have provided exemplary advise and technical/warranty support. The pump that moves the water from the dehumidifier to also worked well within its specs. Read on for general lessons learned and how thing can inadvertently exceed the capacity.

    Here are some additional considerations and lessons learned. It worked hard (high humidity Alabama) and great for 2-3 years. You have to remember to change the air filter periodically as you would expect. I also put remote temperature and humidity sensors throughout my crawlspace to monitor the levels. The first thing I learned is that is definitely makes a difference. Humidity levels came down though not uniformly so throughout the crawlspace. Though I placed the unit roughly in the center of the crawlspace, my HVAC system ducts run the length of the house which effectively divides the crawlspace up with only 1-1.5 feet of "open" space above and below the ducting. The downside being that areas on the "wrong" side of the ducting from the dehumidifier could never come down to the desired levels. I think that kept it running a lot despite that fact that the dehumidifier is designed for an area larger than my crawlspace. (An annoying side effect is that my floors creak more as the moisture was removed from them.)

    At one point one of my water pipes (also in the crawlspace) developed a pinhole leak which misted my crawlspace for several days before I discovered it. The system worked hard to keep up but eventually overwelmed the pump and to the point where it came apart and was dumping water from the dehumidifier into the crawlspace. Not the dehumidifier's fault or the pump. Just one of those things that happens. Once the pipe was fixed and I cleaned up all the water everything returned to normal.

    After 2-3 years the fan started squeaking like a bearing was going to go out. The manufacturer was excellent in providing me a replacement fan under warranty and talked me through the installation (to save the time and expense of shipping the whole unit back to them.)

    My biggest lesson learned is that I really needed two dehumidifiers and need to place them more strategically in the crawlspace. The end where my HVAC ducts come into the crawlspace consistently has a higher humidity so I probably need to move them a little more that way. Had I done this in the beginning (had two and placed them better) I think the unit would have not have had to work so hard and thus would have a longer life. Plus the overall humidity level in the crawlspace would be lower which is the ultimate goal.

    I hope this is helpful to those considering encapsulation.

  6. great product for my crawl space 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 26th Sep 2019

    I was looking for a whole house dehumidifier for my crawl space and I found this one and it really seems to work well and I needed some help setting up the wi fi and I called and they walked me right thru it! great customer service. I am very pleased so far!

  7. Awesome dehumidifier 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 22nd Jul 2019

    Installed MegaDry CS75 per instructions within a few hours on a Saturday morning. For a crawl space that was at 72% humidity; within 48 hours the crawl space was reading 60% humidity. Set point is 50%!
    Big plus is the ability to hookup the dehum to WiFi & read runtime & humidity from GeneralAir App on iPhone.
    Extremely pleased w/this purchase & would recommend to anyone!

  8. first 24 hours 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 12th May 2019

    Installed this unit in my Daughter's up state NY home's crawl space.

    Little less than 24 hours humidity level went from 69 to 59.

    Quiet unit, the Wi-Fi feature is great, set up was easy.

    Researched this unit for a long time and at this point very, very happy with the results. All the good reviews seem accurate. The installation video was very, very helpful. The company was quick to respond to my drain installation question.

    Over all really good experience.


  9. Very Impressed 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 9th Aug 2018

    I have been very impressed with this dehumidifier.
    I'm not able to access the crawlspace easily, so the Wifi is very nice. Being able to adjust and monitor the dehumidifier is great. I would buy it again. It runs very quiet and we can just hear it run thru the floor. The Wifi works very well and is easy to set up.

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