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Crawl Space Poly

Polyethylene is one of the most popular products for sealing crawl spaces. If you need help with sealing, just go to Crawlspace Depot. We offer a wide range of crawl space poly and other necessary products. What’s more, we have a ‘learning center’ tab to help you out. Sign up if you want to receive our helpful newsletters.  

Polt vapor barriers are commonly used to prevent moisture from penetrating or moving into your home. Proper crawlspace insulation and encapsulation may repel moisture and keep it from entering your home's closed and non-vented spaces. A crawl space poly sheeting can be an effective vapor barrier for keeping your crawlspace moisture-proof.
Poly sheeting must be continuously laid on the entire crawlspace. A roll of poly sheeting should enable you to cut a large piece, which you can lay on the crawlspace. Overlap the seams by two feet and seal them with poly sealing tape if you need more than one piece of poly sheeting to get the job done. Remember to extend the outside edges towards the foundation wall, and tape them at least six inches above its grade.
Create a tight seal by sealing the poly sheeting to the foundation wall using concrete tape, pressure-treated nailing strip, or construction adhesive, then cap with concrete. Use two inches of concrete on the poly sheeting to prevent it from getting damaged, especially if you want to use your crawlspace for other reasons. Concrete may help prevent the plastic from getting punctured.
Find all the materials that you need to insulate and prevent moisture in your crawlspace here at Crawlspace Depot. We are your one-stop source for high-quality crawl space poly and other products that can help improve your crawlspace. Browse Crawlspace Depot or call 888-331-9991 for more information. We have guides that you can use to learn about your crawlspace and understand the benefits of proper insulation and dehumidification.