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Crawl Space News

Crawl Space Dehumidifier

During the rainy season, your crawl space can hold gallons of water. If you don’t want to deal with possible mold growth, invest in a crawl space dehumidifier. The average dehumidifier can remove up to 70 pints of water every day. Check out the dehumidifiers on sale at Crawlspace Depot, which can lower humidity and help reduce mold growth and mold spores.

Crawl Space Encapsulation

Whether you bought a new home or just moved into an old one, it pays to invest in crawl space encapsulation. It offers excellent benefits, from improving the air quality in your living space to reducing critter problems. For all your encapsulation needs, go to Crawlspace Depot. If you have inquiries, call us at 888-331-9991.

Crawl Space Insulation

Is your energy bill rising for no reason? Are your HVAC units conking out? You might need to insulate your home to solve these problems. You can get all the tools that you need for crawl space insulation from Crawl Space Depot. Just go to our website to order or call 888-331-9991 if you have questions.

Crawl Space Poly

Polyethylane is one of the most popular products for sealing crawl spaces. If you need help with sealing, just go to Crawlspace Depot. We offer a wide range of crawl space poly and other necessary products. What’s more, we have a ‘learning center’ tab to help you out. Sign up if you want to receive our helpful newsletters.

Crawl Space Vapor Barrier

You don’t have to be an expert to create your own crawl space vapor barrier. You just need the right tools, instructions, and of course, time. You can purchase all the necessary items from Crawlspace Depot’s website. If you need some advice on which products to use, you can contact us through our toll-free number: 888-331-9991.