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What pests can I expect to find in my crawlspace?

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Hello there, good question! Ideally you’ll want to create a crawlspace environment that is inhospitable to pests; and should not expect to find them in the space. Unwelcome guests are drawn to warm, damp spaces. They don’t just occupy the space; they often damage it. But back to your question - What kinds of guests may be lurking below your living area? Here are the most common:


Carpenter ants




Small animals



Two effective ways of reducing the chance that pests will take up residence in your crawlspace are closing the crawlspace and barring entry from the outside.

Closing the crawlspace

Crawlspace Depot has the equipment and expertise you need for every step from sealing vents to lining the floor and walls. Closing the crawlspace is widely accepted as a best practice for controlling moisture. Unmanaged, moisture in the space provides an ideal environment for pests to nest. Some pests, such as spiders, are merely a nuisance. Others are a big problem. Termites, rodents, small animals and carpenter ants are not just a nuisance, they can cause extensive structural damage to your home. Roll up the welcome mat and protect your home by eliminating moisture. You’ll realize benefits in the living area of your home as well. Rodent waste poses a significant health hazard, and can render insulation ineffective. Closing the crawlspace not only keeps critters out it also impacts air quality (moisture encourages mold and mildew growth, and their spores reduce air quality) and home temperature comfort.

Barring entry from the outside

Avoid storing firewood in or near your home, or placing mulch too close to the foundation of your home. Both encourage pests, such as rodent and termites, that may then enter your home through cracks in the foundation. Also, avoid storing newspaper or using cardboard boxes in your crawlspace. Roaches, spiders and other pests love to make their home in them. Remember, your goal is to make your crawl space unwelcome to guests.

Inspect your foundation regularly for cracks and any evidence of pest activity. Signs include mud tubes from tunneling termites, wings and frass or droppings. Act immediately to eliminate pests when you find signs of infestation.

Pests in the crawlspace can reduce your level of comfort at home as well as cause damage to your biggest investment. You are right to be proactive. Close the crawlspace to eliminate moisture and bar entry from outside. Call on Crawlspace Depot for everything you need to keep moisture out and roll up the welcome mat for pests in your crawlspace.

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