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My crawl space is only 2 ft. tall, would I still benefit from a closed crawl space?

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That’s a good question! The answer is you will still benefit but clearance in the crawl space may present a challenge without the right tools and supplies. As you are considering a closed or encapsulated crawlspace, think about these advantages. When you’re ready for supplies, or have questions, give us a call. Crawlspace Depot has the experience and tools you need to get the job done right.

Why a closed crawlspace?

There are many advantages to closed crawl spaces, even if your space is low or small. Most of these are related to quality living conditions, cost, environmental impact, and maybe most importantly, peace of mind. A healthy crawlspace is important for a sound foundation and good air quality in your home.

Moisture management is a concern even in smaller spaces. Closed crawlspaces address this problem from both liquid water and water vapor. Moist environments promote mold growth. Spores, dust and other allergens escape into the living areas of the home causing musty odors, illness and discomfort. Short crawl spaces have even less opportunity for air circulation than higher ones, which means more seepage of poor quality air flowing into the living areas of the home.

Home maintenance – Moist outside air, allowed in through air-vented crawlspaces, contributes to headaches such as wood rot, condensation and mold growth. In the long term, damage to joists, floors and door frames, etc. may become extensive. Closed crawlspaces protect your home’s foundation.

Comfort – Closed crawlspaces improve air quality in the living areas of your home. You will also enjoy warmer floors.

Pest control is another big concern. Termites and other damaging pests thrive in the hospitable environment of a moist vented crawl space. A dry closed crawlspace provides a less attractive environment, thus reducing the problem of pests.

Closed crawlspaces use less energy – According to a study by Advanced Energy, in the Southeast you can expect an average of 18% savings on your HVAC energy costs. Investing in a closed crawl space is a green choice that is not only a win for you, but also a win for the environment.

Conversion to a closed crawlspace will require removal of debris and placement of a vapor barrier over all exposed earth/dirt. Next time you, or a technician need to crawl in…that closed crawl space, sans excess moisture, dirt and pests, will certainly make you feel a lot more comfortable. Need more information or ready to get started? Give us a call. Crawlspace Depot is your best source for information and quality closed crawlspace products. Hope this helps!

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