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How much protection does a vapor barrier provide in our crawl space?


Here’s the short answer, plenty! Wondering if you should even invest in the time and money needed to install a vapor barrier in your crawl space? Consider this – you may not visit your crawl space all that often, but how you care for it impacts your overall comfort as well as the structural integrity of your home. All that is owed to a closed crawlspace which includes protection provided by the vapor barrier.

Vapor barriers protect against moisture

Moisture management is important for several reasons. Chief among these is air quality. Unchecked moisture creates a hospitable climate for mold growth. Mold is not only unsightly, it also releases spores into the air that reduce air quality. Reduced air quality can impact long-term health. You’ll also enjoy more comfort with effective moisture management. Uncontrolled moisture lowers heating and cooling efficiency. That means higher costs, too. Finally, moisture may eventually warp wood floors and joists leading to expensive repairs.

Guard your home’s inner workings

A closed crawlspace with a vapor barrier can help. If your crawl space houses the HVAC or other important systems that keep your home running smoothly, a vapor barrier can help. Again, the goal is to protect against moisture problems. Moisture in the crawl space can cause rust and corrosion, thus reducing the life or effectiveness of critical systems.

Protect against pests

Rodents especially are attracted to moist areas that offer access to food and warmth. When you fail to protect your crawl space, you are essentially setting out the welcome mat for roaches, rodents, termites and other pests.

Vapor barriers are a good long-term investment

Vapor barriers come in a range of price points, so they fit most budgets. And a variety of thicknesses from 6mil to 20mil. You can also choose from features such as reinforced for more durability.

Closing a crawlspace is a multi-day job, with the installation of a vapor barrier taking an afternoon, but the protection they offer lasts far longer. Take this step to protect home air quality, improve energy efficiency and prevent damage like wood rot. Crawlspace Depot has all the supplies you need to get the job done well and right. Visit our catalog for quality products that make it easy to protect and enjoy your home

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Why do I need a vapor barrier in my crawl space?

Vapor barriers protect your home against damaging moisture from condensation. By preventing moisture from rising up from the earth and gathering beneath your home, you are controlling problems caused by excess moisture such as wood rot, buckling floors, mold, musty smells and other concerns that could affect the value of your home and your health. [...]

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What are common items that cannot be stored in humid areas?

Moisture isn’t just a problem for the structural health of your home. Many items contained in the home are sensitive to temperature fluctuations and humidity. Use this list of common items to begin making your protection plan. Wood and Leather Furniture You probably already know that wood floors are likely to buckle or warp with overexposure to [...]

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Do I Need a Crawlspace Dehumidifier?

What is the purpose of a dehumidifier in the crawlspace?A dehumidifier is effective in controlling moisture in your crawlspace. Once you have removed any issues that could be a moisture source like a leak, or a drainage issue around the home, and then closed in the crawlspace with a liner, you will want to keep [...]

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How to recover from flooding

When your home floods you are understandably anxious to clean up and get things back to normal. Take care to observe safety rules first. Common post flood hazards involve electricity and gas. Be sure these utilities are turned off before you enter the home. Flooding can damage the structural integrity of your home as well as cause household items [...]

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Should I install plastic on a foundation wall?

You’re right to undertake moisture management planning for your crawlspace. Crawlspace moisture can lead to hazards for your health as well as your home. That’s why we recommend closed crawlspaces. It is an effective way of eliminating moisture problems. Installing plastic on the foundation wall is one part of this process.Benefits of a vapor barrierVapor barriers help keep moisture [...]

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What should I do with the old and torn plastic that's in my crawl space now?

Wise homeowners should inspect their crawl spaces regularly for any potential problems. Doing so provides opportunity to address small problems before they become big headaches. Old and torn plastic can, potentially, lead to big headaches.Remember the goalPlastic can only protect against moisture if it provides an effective barrier. Obviously, if there are tears the barrier has been compromised. Act quickly. [...]

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What pests can I expect to find in my crawlspace?

Hello there, good question! Ideally you’ll want to create a crawlspace environment that is inhospitable to pests; and should not expect to find them in the space. Unwelcome guests are drawn to warm, damp spaces. They don’t just occupy the space; they often damage it. But back to your question - What kinds of guests may be lurking below [...]

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I am building a new house, so should I arrange to have vent holes put in my foundation?

Congratulations on building a new home. There are so many things to consider, and wise planning now will add years of enjoyment and savings later. Structural considerations aren’t the most fun part of planning, but they are certainly tops in terms of importance.To vent or not to ventThe question just keeps coming up. The answer is no. Unless you [...]

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What should I do with the old and torn plastic that’s in my crawl space now?

Kudos to you for knowing about the condition of the plastic in your crawl space! Many homeowners avoid the underbelly of their homes because, let’s face it – crawl spaces aren’t pretty. So, you have plastic in your crawl space that is old and torn? Adding a new barrier is one way to make your crawl space more hospitable.Go for [...]

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