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Ask Mr. Crawlspace

Before I install a vapor barrier, can I just cover up the debris in the crawl space?

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No, all debris should be removed from the crawl space before you put in a vapor barrier.

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Why do my wood floors buckle and cup in the summertime?

If you have a crawl space and the cupping is upward, then hot, moist air from the outside is entering the crawl space. The wood floors then absorb the moisture from their underlying side, making the bottom of the boards expand and the boards "cup" upwards. Installing a closed crawl space will prevent any outside [...]

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What is causing the musty smell in my house?

Many things can cause a musty smell. You might need a ventilating fan in the bathroom. You could have poor indoor air quality. If you have a crawl space, then that odor is probably coming from high moisture levels in your crawl space [...]

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If my crawl space isn't level does it matter?

Yes. You need to level your crawl space to create positive drainage.

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